Monday, January 08, 2007

Back from Christmas Break

Well, well, well all I got my gift, his name is Nick Saban....The Nicktator as Rae Rae Russell (JeMarcus Russell's father) likes to call him down here in Mobile...

I also got the flu, as the rest of my family did.

In short I couldn't and could be better.

Now the real football season starts, recruiting....but first lets get down to the coaching changes...

Raderball is gone, thank you, this furniture salesman who was plucked from some craphole in Louisiana went out with a bang gaining under 300 yards against a bad OSU defense, but he also actually was better in the redzone than Shulaball, in short while Shula was a F--- OC, Rader was an D-....still not material that should be at Bama....sad to see Kines go, he was the only good coach, besides Ball and Harbison who were decent but not great...Saban is getting a great staff are some fo the new guys...

Kevin Steele:
Position: Defensive coordinator
Previous school, responsibilities: Florida State, linebackers coach and executive head coach

Bio: Serving as the Florida State linebackers coach, Steele was widely regarded as one of the top recruiters in all of college football. In 2006, Steele was was named the National Recruiter of the Year by Steele will serve as the Tide's new defensive coordinator.

Kirby Smart
Position: Defensive backs (likely)
Previous responsibilities: Miami Dolphins, safeties coach

Bio: Another assistant with plenty of experience working with Saban, Smart spent last season as the safeties coach of the Dolphins after spending 2005 coaching running backs at Georgia. In 2004, Smart coached defensive backs for Saban at LSU and prior to that served as a graduate assistant at Florida State.

Lance Thompson:
Position: TBD
Previous responsibilities: UCF, defensive coordinator and defensive line coach

Bio: Thompson's position with the Tide is not yet known. Thompson has worked with Saban before as a recruiting coordinator at LSU and served as the Crimson Tide's defensive line coach during the 1999 SEC Championship season. Most recently Thompson served as the defensive coordinator, then defensive line coach at UCF. He could also coach tight ends.

Confirmed administration

Todd Alles
Position: Director of football operations
Previous responsibilities: Ohio State, program assistant

Bio: Alles, a 28-year coaching veteran, has spent the last two seasons at Ohio State as a program assistant for operations and recruiting. His last position at Ohio State was actually his third at the school, having previously served as a graduate assistant to Woody Hayes and a volunteer strength and conditioning coach and academic advisor for Jim Tressel.

Waiting on confirmation

Bobby Williams
Position: Running backs coach (likely)
Previous responsibilities: Miami Dolphins, running backs coach

Bio: Williams has served as the running backs coach for the Miami Dolphins for the last three seasons leading an attack that has been among the NFL's best. Prior to that, Williams coached wide receivers at LSU in 2004 and served the same role for the Detroit Lions in 2003. Williams succeeded Saban as the head coach of Michigan State from 2000-02 leading the Spartans to two bowl wins.

Joe Pendry
Position: Offensive coordinator (likely)
Previous responsibilities: Houston Texans, offensive coordinator

Bio: Pendry is a well-respected coach with nearly two decades of NFL experience, most recently as offensive coordinator for the Houston Texans under Dom Capers. Pendry had served as an offensive line coach for the Texans and as offensive coordinator for the Bills, Panthers and Chiefs. He's had stints as an assistant at the college level at Kansas State, West Virginia, Pitt and Michigan State.

Also included in this mix is Major Applewhite, Jeff Brohm, Paul Petrino maybe, and the OL coach form Louisville Williams...

Some apprehension about Pendry form Bama fans is currently underway, he was the Texans OC for half of this year before being promoted to OC....he did well considering ...the Texans were giving up 60-70 sacks a year before he got there, they gave up around 30+ this year, a significant improvement, despite the lack of talent...he had good success as OC at MSU in the early 80's, with the USFL Pittsburgh Maulers in the early 80's, and was RB coach when Mack and Byner were doing so well in 85' to 87'...experience and creditintials are excellent, not to mention his 3 year period as Bill OC from 97'-99' the Bill went to the playoffs those years, and to the AFC championship game in 99's, he made Rob Johnson into a respectable QB, and his offense totaled out to average in the Top 1/3rd combining those 3 years....he was also previously from 95'-96' leading the Panthers to the 96' AFC Championship game....3 AFC Championship games 2 as a RB Coach for a duo that one year each had over 1,000 yards(87' Byner and Mack)...99' as OC for the Bill and their good offense, and in 96' the NFC Championship Game with the Panthers who ahd a good offense as well.

Hard worker, experienced, successful, diligent, "preparer", Saban guy, versatile etc.

Good hire if it goes down...

Applewhite might be Co-OC with Pendry...he is young but very well known, Sarkisian, and Kififn too are young (USC's OC's), doens't stop them for having a good offense.

Now to recruiting, Joe McKnight, Allen Bailey, Marvin Austin, and others including Slidell Corley(punk), John Brown(I'll be John Brown! says every grandmother who was born during the Reconstruction Era of the South), and Michael Mcneil.

Noel Devine says he might be intrested.

Saban is a defensive guy, he will snag several of these guys and get them to TTown...

He also has shown the ability to recruit some great offensive talent....Including one JeMarcus Russell from here in Theodore...

With the team coming back, far superior coaches, better talent, and NO SHULABALL...Bama should be guaranteed 10 wins....The other SEC schools except Jawjuh lose a lot, a far better Bama which had close calls last year should maul people this year with no Capps to screw things up and give us by his own lonesome no blocking self non-existant run blocking and a minimum 2 sacks allowed by himself personally....or basically non-existant pass blocking also, and not to mention fumbling causing sacks that made the difference in 2 games, barn and Arky where 1 DefTD was scored and to short fielders were setup.

I look for Bama to big things upcoming year...say Atlanta and New Orleans?

Yes I'm that nuts, but Saban is that good, he took MSU/Ole Miss type talent and got to bowl games on PROBATION at MSU and beat OSU, Michigan, ND all when they were highly, highly ranked. He doesn't need to talent to win, but he gets it so he can win big, he's got it already, and he will make it better in the years to come....


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